90-Day Paleo PCOS Blasting Plan: Gatherer-Hunter



So this past Thursday I saw a prominent nutritionist in Bucks County- the same one that really has helped my mom with a few things. And she has me on a food/exercise plan for the next 3 months with no exceptions, no cheats. This same plan relieved both her daughters of PCOS, made their cycles regular, dropped their extra weight, and got one of them pregnant. She said my problems are:

1. My body is stuck in the PCOS/cortisol/insulin resistance cycle
2. I’m eating too few calories at 1300-1500 (I was shocked)
3. I’m working out too hard and it’s making things worse (what??!!!)
4. My brain isn’t getting the right signals to start each monthly cycle (this is where herbs come in)

Also, I was already Paleo in the past but gained fat super fast on low calories. But the hunter-gatherer diet should really be reversed for optimal immune and stress hormone levels– it should be GATHERER-HUNTER! Excessive animal protein can cause an inflammatory response, and that may have been happening to me. However, this doesn’t mean go vegan, which in my opinion and from my own experience, is far more damaging. It just means that 80% of my diet should be vegetation and the other 20% animal protein. Now everyone is different, and I know a ton of women who healed themselves on hunter-gatherer (more meat focused), which is understandable. We each have our own unique biochemistry.

So here’s the plan in a nutshell:

Eat 1600-1800 calories:
Organic meat
Non-starchy veggies
Fruit (limited)
Organic butter/ghee
EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
Coconut oil

85% dark chocolate
Coconut or almond milk (unsweetened)

*Nuts and seeds are limited at this point because of lectins, as a precaution.

Grains, flours, wheat
Starch (yams, squash)

Daily Meal Breakdown:
2 green protein smoothies (or juices)
2 full meals:
      1/2 plate, salad
      1/4 plate, cooked veggies
      1/4 plate, organic meat/fish


Chaste Tree (Standard Process brand)– 4 pills/4x day
Boswellia– 4 doses/day
Vitamin D3– 10,000 IUs/day

45 minutes/day (low impact)

* Is supposed to de-stress my body and mind, and help control the inflammatory/cortisol cycle I have going on.

Weight lifting

* These were creating a stress response and making my condition worse. I gained 12 pounds of fat while killing myself at Crossfit for 3 months. TWELVE pounds!!! It was a nightmare!!

So the bottom line is this: PCOS affects each woman differently. What works for me may not work for someone else. All we need to promise ourselves is to keep trying new things, keep dairies of what works and what doesn’t, and come up with our own unique PCOS recipe. I have another call with this nutritionist in 2 weeks to see if we need to tweak the plan. Let’s do this!!

Stay hopeful, happy, and hungry for change.



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