Face Mapping: Finding The Root Cause of Acne

I find this so fascinating. I’ve come to the conclusion that meat and eggs (even organic, free range, and grass-fed) cause acne for me in zones 11, 12, 13 (see link below). Translation: meat is aggravating my hormones and causing toxic build up within my body… something that I suspected when I started gaining 40lbs two years ago after dropping the grains and adding more animal products.

When I drop the flesh and add in grains & legumes, I get acne in zones 1 & 2, which according to the diagram in the link show problems with digestion, hydration, and possible food allergies. I am very guilty of not drinking enough water! Here’s more of a breakdown of what I’ve noticed about me:

Zones 1 & 2
Moderate acne: brown rice, whole grains, quinoa
Mild acne, skin-colored bumps: white rice, white bread, white sugar, cow’s dairy

Zones 11, 12, & 13
SEVERE acne: meat and eggs
No acne: no meat or eggs, cheese is okay

This observation goes against everything the medical profession says about PCOS. They always want us on low glycemic diets that include meat, eggs, fish, and whole grains. But this diet was making me worse!

Maybe I need to go raw vegan? If grains still pose a problem, what’s left to eat? I’m not ruling it out… 😉

acne-face-map1Photo taken from website below.



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